Grams Headlight HL-100

Grams Headlight HL-100


The light weight design allows the user to wear the light all day in the office or operating room. A custom manufactured 5 watt halogen bulb is housed in a custom reflector with such efficiency that the headlight will produce 2000 ft. candle power. This is 4 times brighter than a head mirror and a 100 watt bulb. An infrared filter absorbs heat and gives better color definition. The light can be focused to a small intense spot that can penetrate a deep cavity. A rheostat located on the headband will allow a range of light intensity depending on the type of examination or surgery. The light assembly is connected to the headband by two precision stainless steel ball joints with easily adjustable tension. The size of the reflector assembly is only 1¼" diameter x 1½" long. This combination permits the light to be positioned any place on the forehead, between the eyes, or over one eye for narrow cavities. The electrical wire is a special lightweight coaxial cable selected for long life. The headband has a convenient ratchet adjustment for head size, and a replaceable foam band for comfort.

Since the power required by the headlight is only 5 watts, our battery pack(BP-126), which weights only 11 oz., will provide 3+ hours of continuous light. This will allow total freedom in the office or hospital. The battery uses nickel metal hydride power cells, and is rechargeable at any time with no memory effect. It has been our experience that a combination of one headlight with spare bulb, two batteries, one charger, and a carrying case makes a versatile lighting combination for the physician. With this combination, one battery can be left on charge while the other one is being used. A transformed (TR-142) is also available for use when battery power is not sufficient. The carrying case is optional, but serves as a central organized storage unit for protection during transportation.

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