Large Volume Harvesting System LVHS-600

Large Volume Harvesting System LVHS-600


How does our harvesting system work?

HARVESTING: On the 2-hole harvesting lid and beaker, one tube is connected to the aspirator machine while the other tube is connected to a cannula. Fat is harvested and collected into the 250cc beaker.

Once beaker is full, pause to remove the 2-hole harvesting lid from the beaker filled with fat and replace it with the 1-hole decanting lid. Set decanting lid and beaker full of fat to the side while you continue to harvest if needed. 

DECANTING: After decanting, the 3mm tube can be adjusted to bleed off the fluid at the bottom of the beaker, or centered for collection of optimum harvested tissue. The easy, but stable adjustment is accomplished by the center slotted support tube with spring tension. The decanting tube end connection will accommodate a transfer hose of 1/8” to 3/16” ID. : A 1/8” ID. Silicone tubing is used to connect the decanting tube to a luer hub transfer for easy filling of the injection syringe. A pinch clamp helps to make the process spill free.

*Beakers and tubing are autoclavable for reuse. 
*Individual parts may be purchased via phone call. Item numbers are listed in the PDF below.

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