For All Technical Support
Grams Medical has tech support available to help with any questions during business hours, 8am to 4pm M-F Pacific Standard Time. For help before or after hours you may call and leave a message at 949-548-7337 or email us at

Return Policy
Grams Medical will receive returns on eligible items within 30-days from the original order date with a 10% restocking fee. Custom cannulas and disposable items cannot be returned.

Cannulas can be repaired if the shaft has broken or separated where it meets the handle. If the cannulas tip has been damaged properly dispose of the cannula and replace.

To return your headlight for a repair please mail it to the Grams Medical address. An RMA number is not required for the repair. Please include a business card or letterhead with your headlight to ensure that the repaired item will be returned to its proper location. Include a purchase order number if required by your facility.

Grams Medical
ATTN: Repair Dept.
2443 Norse Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Grams Medical Product Catalog

Grams Aspirator S-300
Grams Cannula Tips
Grams Headlight HL-100
Grams Large Volume Harvesting LVHS-600
Grams Addition Syringe Components
Grams Facial Instrument Kit

Grams Medical Product Instructions and Maintenance

S-300 Aspirator Maintenance
HL-100 Headlight Instructions
CL-340 Canister Instructions 
LVHS-600 Cleaning and Sterilization
Cleaning and Sterilization of Standard and Syringe Cannula and Syringe Components
LHWL Coggins-Grams White Liner Injector Information

Comments, Concerns, Complaints or Compliments

Grams Medical values your feedback. Any suggestions, complaints or compliments will help improve our products and services.

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Grams Medical
2443 Norse Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92627